These are very difficult times for the restaurant/tourism business, and it is especially difficult for family-owned farms. We appreciate the support that we have received, and we thank everyone that appreciates all of the changes that we have been required to institute for the safety of our visitors and staff.

The guidelines issued by Governor Baker are intended to prevent the spread of the virus. The purpose of the guidelines is to limit the number of people in contact with each other. Large gatherings (greater than 6 - Effective 9-29 10 people ) are prohibited by law and could result in fines to the individuals involved or fines to our winery.  We could also have our liquor license suspended or revoked.

Grouping of tables, allowing, or accommodating groups to be seated near each other, is a violation of the law. Putting two tables together or next to each other is equivalent to creating an atmosphere where people will move from one table to another and forget to respect the guidelines. Allowing people to book multiple tables and then having them move from table to table is a violation of our responsibility to enforce the law.   If we see a person moving from one table to another, service to both tables will be terminated immediately.  Items ordered will be packed and prepared to go for off-site consumption and everyone at both tables will be asked to leave.  If you feel that this approach is harsh then the simple solution is to comply or find a location that does not consider the threat of Covid-19 to be concerning.

Despite expressions of responsibility and a commitment to social distancing, people move from table to table once a glass of wine is consumed and it is why Governor Baker has refused to allow bars to re-open.  Just recently, a study has shown that restaurants are one of the highest sources of virus spread and it is being caused by restaurants that do not follow the rules.  We are 100% committed to following the rules and it is our decision not to participate in any gatherings and to not allow multiple reservations.

Difficult times make difficult decisions, but we are comfortable running our business as Governor Baker would like us to run it and in a manner that is contributing to the effort to stop the spread of the virus. While we do not expect everyone to agree with our decision, we do ask that you respect our decision by not attempting to circumvent the rules that we intend to enforce.

The rules are applied equally to everyone and it is only with the cooperation of everyone that our country will prevent the spread.  Should you make multiple reservations, we will cancel all reservations that we determine to pose a risk to our staff and customers.  Your deposit will not be refunded.

If you book multiple tables under different names and we see people moving from one table to another, delivery of food and beverages will be terminated and we will not issue a refund for any orders placed whether or not the food or beverage is delivered.  We will not discuss the possibility of resuming orders once we have determined that your group will not respect the guidelines on social distancing.

Again, difficult times make difficult decisions, but we are comfortable running our business in the most responsible manner possible and we hope that you will support our decision to follow the guidelines and promote safety.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Guidelines issued by Governor Baker which are intended to prevent the spread of the virus.

Guidelines issued by Governor Baker, all establishments serving alcoholic beverages must

  • Limited reservations to 6 people or less - Increased to 10 on September 29th.

  • Must have all customers seated.

  • Must require everyone at the table to order food prepared by the restaurant's kitchen prior to serving any alcoholic beverage.

  • Effective Tuesday, August 11, 2020, aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Massachusetts and has now mandated that Restaurants may only serve alcohol for on-site consumption if accompanied by orders for food prepared on-site.


People include children and babies. We are unaware of any exemption to this rule for larger families or groups living together.

Seated means that all people, children, and babies, must be seated at the table at all times except for necessary travel to and from the table. People are not permitted to be away from the table or to run around the table.

Food prepared by the restaurant - “Restaurant” means an establishment that provides seated food service that is prepared on-site and under a retail food permit issued by a municipal authority pursuant to 105 CMR 590.000. Potato chips, pretzels, and other similar pre-packaged, shelf-stable foods, or other food prepared off-site do not constitute food “prepared on-site.”

Our goal is to be the most responsible business we can be by adhering to the guidelines and accepting the responsibility to apply the guidelines in a way that will achieve the intended objective. It is not only for your health but for the health and safety of our staff. We am comfortable with being overly cautious and overly concerned. Please appreciate that many people support our decision and our approach so allowing deviations from our policy is also a violation of their trust. We will modify our approach when Governor Baker provides more guidance or determines that we have the virus under control.

Please join with us to follow the rules and move forward.