Thank you so much for considering a visit to Nashoba Valley winery. These are very difficult times for the restaurant/tourism business and it is especially difficult for family-owned farms. We appreciate the support that we have received and we thank everyone that appreciates all of the changes that we have been required to institute for the safety of our visitors and staff.

I truly wish that we could accommodate your visit but 100% of our tables are currently assigned through our reservation system.   With social distancing requirements being strictly followed, we are operating at about 35% capacity so that. 

We do not host a waitlist as cancellations by customers are immediately available online and available for anyone to book. Our reservation system allows every table to be reserved so tables are not available for people that visit without a reservation. 

Per the guidelines issued by the government, we are required to have everyone seated at a table. Putting down a blanket on the lawn is not allowed and it would also create a problem with managing where people could place their blankets and not interfere with the social distancing with tables.

Please remember that under current regulations, we cannot allow someone to consume an alcoholic beverage on site unless they are seated and have order food. We are sorry about all of the regulations and look forward to a time when we can be more accommodating.

Please continue to support local restaurants and farms as it is projected that as many as 85% of independent restaurants may permanently close because of the pandemic by the end of 2020.