Picnic grounds and orchard are now open and operating by reservation as a casual dining venue now known as The Vintner’s Knoll.

There have been a lot of changes to the way that we operate but some things have remained the same.

As a family friendly farm, we strive to create a positive sharing environment for friends and families to gather and relax. We view our farm and grounds as a meeting place for friends to enjoy a day in the countryside, sipping our handcrafted wines, beers and spirits, and enjoying food and the beauty of our town.   We ask all of our visitors to think about the ambiance and peacefulness that visitors expect when visiting a winery.  Respecting the venue is always an important aspect of any venture. 

While a winery visit can include celebrating events such as birthday parties, showers ir  engagement parties, such gatherings have to respect the venue.   We do not allow people to decorate tables or celebrate in a manner that is disruptive to others.    Respecting the venue is a difficult concept to convey but it is built around the expectation that a visit to a vineyard is different than a visit to a bar or fraternity.   It is about enjoying a local farm and appreciating the solitude of country living.   I would suggest the ambiance is akin to a fine dining restaurant as oppose to Chucky Cheese.

There are plenty of venues where more robust gatherings are allowed and so we encourage everyone to consider our vision of our venue before planning a gathering.

Reservations are required and we do not allow outside food or beverages to be brought on site for consumption.

THROWING OR KICKING OF OBJECTS OR FLYING OF DRONES – The winery is definitely not intended to be a playground or play field.  We do not allow games that might impose a risk to others including the throwing, kicking or tossing of balls or Frisbee’s and we do not allow the flying of drones.  We hope that everyone will appreciate that there are many small children and elderly people enjoying our farm also who might be inadvertently injured by a missed ball or Frisbee even if you believe you are the next Tom Brady. 

Dogs  –  Please see our policies on Dogs visiting the winery. hWe remain dog friendly but we have added to our rules additional areas where they are not allowed and the requirement that you not allow strangers or other dogs to come in contact with your dog.  Dogs are only allow at tables that have been designated for dogs.  

SIGNAGE & BALLOONS – We do not allow Balloons,  signs, flags or banners intended to draw attention to your table.  While everyone is allowed to decorate their tables we have the right to limit the extent of decoration to keep in harmony with our land as a farm.  

TENTS – We allow pop up tents on days when we are not offering entertainment and when the wind is below 5 mph.  The maximum size of a tent allowed is 12 feet by 12 feet.

BUSES OR LIMOUSINES  –  We do not allow buses or limousines until a cure for Covid-19 is found – Phase 4. 

If you are unsure about whether or not your gathering will be allowed, please take the time to ask for permission by emailing us at support@nashobawinery.com with full details of your planned activity. Unfortunately, there are times when people plan activities that we do not permit and show up expecting us to modify our guidelines.  However, to be fair to everyone, we do enforce our rules.   If we cannot accommodate your event or do not believe that it is appropriate for our venue, we hope that you will respect our decision.   We truly believe that our rules are built upon a genuine commitment to preserving our venue as a farm-winery.  It is the vision that we believe will sustain our farm into the future.