Thank you for your past support and for considering a visit to our winery. 

Retail Shop

Open and operating 7 days a week.  Retail Shop purchases are only for off site consumption only.  

On Site Consumption of Anything!

For on site consumption, please visit  this link for making a reservation and ordering food and beverages for on site consumption.   Please appreciate that our grounds are being operated as a restaurant and under COVID Guidelines, you cannot purchase wine for consumption on our property unless the grounds are open and serving food prepared by our Restaurant.  Our restaurant is closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so we are unable to satisfy this requirement on these days.  Food sold in our wine shop does not qualify under the guidelines to satisfy the requirement that food is required to be served.

Tastings & Tours

Tours and the tastings bars located on our property are closed at this time and are not operating as these activities involve the consumption of alcohol in an environment that does not comply with social distancing requirements.  Essentially, tastings are classified as Phase 4 operations that will not be open until a vaccine is found.Open and operating 7 days a week.    

Tastings by Flights

To allow people to explore our wines, we have now expanded our offerings at J's Restaurant and our Vintner's Knoll Restaurant to include wines by the bottle, wines by the glass and Flights of Wines.  A flight represents a selection of wines that are served in a smaller quantity that a typical glass of wine.  . At the Vintners Knoll we  offer more than one flight wine tasting experience, often at different price points, so that you can enjoy between 5 and 15 one ounce servings of the pre-selected wines that we are offering on a particular day.  

At J's restaurant, we offer flights that consist of three - 3 ounces servings so that you can select wines that pair well with the different meal selections provided. 

Reservations required for ordering Flights.

Remember, to participate in a Flight, you are required  to have a reservation, be seated at a table and have ordered food.  Please visit  this link for making a reservation and ordering food and beverages for on site consumption at the Vintner's Knoll Restaurant.   For reservations at J's Restaurant, please follow this link to read about making a reservation.